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Sources of Compensation

Workplace injuries can include those resulting from such things as a slip and fall or trip and fall or the use of machinery.  They can cover a broad range of severity and occur in countless situations while at work or performing one's work duties.  An Atlanta personal injury attorney can review your case with you to determine which avenues of compensation may be pursued.

Generally, the laws surrounding workers' compensation do not permit you to sue your employer for injuries sustained on the job.  However, in cases where a third party can be held liable, a claim may be made against them additional to your workers' compensation claim.  Examples of this would be where an injury was caused by a defective product or exposure to a toxic substance.  There are certain very specific cases in which you may be able to sue your employer directly or make a claim for damages from a state fund.

What should I do if I have been injured at work?

At Law Office of Neil Flit, we are dedicated to going the extra mile in pursuing fair compensation for your injury.  If you have been injured while performing your work duties, you should report the matter to your employer as soon as possible.  A written report or record should be made which includes the time and place of the injury, what occurred, any witnesses and any other relevant details.  Photographic evidence is helpful where possible.  Medical treatment should of course be sought and medical records and receipts kept.

Of course, it is important to contact our firm as soon as possible.  Our familiarity with workplace injury cases affords us great ability in recognizing relevant factors and the options they provide.  We will thoroughly investigate and take any other actions necessary to competently represent you.  You can be confident that our actions are oriented toward results.

Contact an Atlanta Workplace Injury Attorney for a free consultation to find out your options if you have been injured at work.