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"I am wanting to thank you and your great staff on all of your work on my case. I was not expecting the results in the awarded amount that I am receiving nor the extra work that you are performing for a further reward! When I spoke to you and you had told me what was agreed upon I was in shock due to the fact I was not expecting that amount in the least bit! I have recommended your services to several other people that I know could use your assistance with dealing with the battle of insurance claims. I can guarantee that if I ever need your services in the future that I will be sure to call your office!"

Many Thanks,

"When I was first in an accident I called on Mr. Neil Flit. He helped me with all my legal injuries. When I needed advice or had any questions or problems I could call on him and his firm. I returned back to him on another case and I would recommend anyone for his service. Thanks for everything." - J.W.

"Mr Flit I just want to say thank you again for all your help, you are truly a blessing."

"Neil, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work on our claim. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to make us feel comfortable throughout this process. I had never been through this before, and I always thought that it was a long and stressful process. In the beginning, your assistant came to my house to introduce herself on behalf of your law office as well as to introduce us to how this would all work. That meant a lot within itself...that you guys came to me. She was very concerned and sympathetic, she was also very professional yet fun and funny. So she made it interesting instead of us having to feel like the situation was totally unfortunate. When I didn't understand things, you guys took the time out to explain them to me thoroughly, you made yourself available at all times...when you weren't available, you returned my calls promptly. Overall, you guys were just plain awesome. God forbid, but if I am ever face a similar situation, I will certainly be giving you a call, and if I know anyone who is in an accident, I will definitely refer them right to you. Again, thank you and I truly appreciate you guys and your services."


"After being involved in a car accident in November of 2009, I was totally devastated when I was called by the other driver's insurance company. I never realized an insurance company could be so rude to anyone. After trying to deal with and talk to the other person's insurance company, I finally gave up and contacted Mr. Neil Flit. The next day Mr. Flit sent a representative to my home (three hours away) to see me and get the necessary information they needed in order to help me get my medical bills paid, lost of wages from my job and travel expenses to and from the doctor. I never had to leave the comfort of my home to go to Mr. Flit's office for anything, he handle everything for me. When the other driver's insurance company came to an agreement with Mr. Flit, Mr. Flit handled all necessary paperwork, phone calls and etc. All paperwork was sent to me for a final signature and Mr. Flit delivered my settlement from the other insurance company. If I happen to be in another accident, the first call I would make would be to Mr. Neil Flit. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he is a very kind and caring person."

"Neil Flit was good to work with. His follow-up and response times were always immediate and he made the process feel seemless from start to finish. Neil did a great job fighting on my behalf and I would recommend him in the future to friends or family. Thank you again for all you did."

"Thank you Mr. Flit for all your time and effort. You really worked hard on my behalf and I am truly grateful. If I had to use someone for legal matters in my life time I would choose you and refer you to any person in need. Thank you and your staff for all that you did for me."

"How can I express my appreciation to you? You were by my side 100% during my car accident case. You were also very personable, paid close attention to detail, and made me feel at ease during the entire process. Your dedication to my case, follow-up, and commitment to getting a fair settlement is the reason I believe you are one of the best lawyers for the job. I would definitely recommend Neil Flit to anyone involved in a car accident. He is everything you would like and/or ask for in a lawyer."

"The Law Office of Neil Flit is a heavy hitter. I fell in a public restaurant and suffered soft tissue injuries to my neck and shoulder. I choose to seek treatment through holistic/chiropractic treatments only. I talked to other firms about getting me a settlement and they would not take action. I spoke with Neil and he took my case and won with astounding results. Through his knowledge of law and his commitment to his clients he settled nicely with the company. I recommend Neil Flit to anyone who needs a powerful attorney on their side! Thanks again Neil!"

"On September 2, 2009, I had an automobile accident, in which another struck my vehicle on the rear, which caused damages to my vehicle and some injuries to my health.Assisting constantly with the chiropractor and solving the repairs of the vehicle directly with Toyota, I found some inconveniences with the responsibility of the insurance company, for which I hired the services of Attorney Neil R. Flit; who efficiently, litigated with the respective insurance companies in the short time span of two months, all of the medical expenses and the immediate reimbursement of my deductible that my insurance company charged, being the insurance company of the person that struck me the same as my own. For the month of December, I received reimbursement of the money, after some prior negotiations with the insurance company and the good work of Attorney Neil R. Flit, who was able to obtain a considerable sum for the damages caused previously which was sufficient for my complete satisfaction. Thank you for your attention."

"I was very impressed with the Law Office of Neil Flit. This was my first time dealing with a lawyer. I had my own thoughts of how lawyers respond. But Mr. Flit was different. The Law Office of Neil Flit was kind and very patient with me. All of my questions were answered in a mild manner. I was never turned down or denied personal time for my questions. I was also never denied an audience with Mr. Flit. Whenever I had a question or misunderstanding about the case, I spoke out to Mr. Flit. He was always there on call, always ready to provide an answer and always ready to walk me through my case. The Law Office of Neil Flit provided counsel for the various and best ways for me to receive relief. As I mentioned earlier, this was my first case. But despite my lack of knowledge, I was able to find comfort in my use of the Law Office of Neil Flit. With their superior knowledge and experience, I found relief. My case was completely handled in the best way and I would highly recommend the Law Office of Neil Flit to another person."

I was in a severe car accident where my son and I were badly hurt, and my truck was totaled. The first attorney I had hired told me he could only get me a few hundred dollars! This wasn’t going to even come close to covering all my medical bills. A friend told me about the Law Office of Neil Flit. I called them, and they immediately sent out a representative to talk with me. They was very professional and I knew immediately I had made the right decision in choosing this firm. A few short months later Attorney Flit was able to get me over 4 times the amount that my previous attorney offered me! I was able to pay all of my doctor bills and I even had some extra! Being in this car accident was terrible, but thanks to attorney Flit and his staff, it was a great outcome. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who asks.

Jack Keith
Senoia, GA