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Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, but when they happen at someone else's premises and someone is injured, it is necessary to determine whether negligence on the part of the property owner was the cause of the accident. An Atlanta personal injury attorney from Law Office of Neil Flit has the experience you need to investigate this type of an accident and determine what your legal options may be.

Slip and falls can be caused through negligence in situations where there was some type of hazard present on another's property that was left unhandled. Such things as water on the floor in a bathroom, spills in aisle ways at a supermarket or uneven surfaces have all caused slip and falls to occur. Injuries from such an accident can be quite serious, with fractures, head and back injuries and hip injuries being frequent consequences. Get the help you need to pursue the responsible party in recovering compensation for your losses by contacting our office.

Slip & Fall Attorney in Atlanta

It is important after a slip and fall that it be reported immediately to the proper management person. Obtaining witness names and even photos of the scene can be crucial later on in proving negligence. Many times an establishment will quickly correct the situation, leaving no sign of it having been there to cause an accident. Our firm can aid you in documenting your claim so as to recover the damages you are entitled to. We have aggressive negotiators that will seek settlement on your behalf to cover your medical costs, any lost wages and even pain and suffering for your injuries.

When injured in a slip & fall accident, contact an Atlanta Slip & Fall Lawyer to get the experienced legal representation you need.