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Did you suffer a loss due to lack of proper security?

Owners and operators of any publically accessible business have a responsibility to provide adequate security to its customers and employees. This includes safety measures such as well-lit parking lots and driveways, fencing and gates, as well as security personnel and guards when necessary. Businesses that have already been subject to crimes are supposed to increase their security measures to combat additional occurrences. If you or a loved one has been injured or assaulted while at a place of business due to inadequate safely and security measures you may be eligible to seek a financial settlement from the owner, manager or responsible party for their negligence. You should call and speak to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Neil Flit for more information.

Operators and managers of hotels, motels, apartment buildings as well as any store or business are liable for injuries or accidents suffered by customers that were caused by negligence, carelessness or unsafe conditions. We can explain what type of compensation you may be entitled to receive and help you pursue your premises liability claim.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

We are a full service personal injury law firm and specialize in helping those who have suffered unnecessary and preventable injuries, accidents and even the loss of a loved one. We handle all types of claims and work diligently to help people who have been harmed due to the thoughtlessness or irresponsibility of others. Unsafe conditions such as inadequate safety lighting or unsupervised access to businesses, parking lots and grounds can lead to any number of criminal or accidental injuries. If you have assaulted or robbed while getting in your car in the parking lot of a business who should have provided better security or whose security was faulty, broken or inactive you have the right to demand justice and seek a financial settlement for your injuries. We are prepared to take on the insurance companies and legal departments of any size business to fight for your rights. Call our offices today for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your case.

Contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer if you have been injured or suffered a loss due to inadequate security measures.