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Rear-End Accidents:  Atlanta Car Accident Attorney

Atlanta's traffic situation is familiar to all those who have tried to drive around the city.  The situation can make it difficult at the best of times, but when an inattentive or negligent driver rear ends you, it can create some extremely serious injuries.  Not only could your car then be shoved into the vehicles in front of you, the incident could push your car into oncoming traffic.  Being the victim in such a case is a frightening and dangerous situation, as an impact on the rear of your car can create dangerous neck, back, head, leg and foot injuries.  The accident is usually such a shock to the victims that they could be stunned for a period of time, or be seriously injured and must be taken to the hospital for treatment, or the injuries could have been fatal in the worst cases.  Any rear-end accident injury case requires the support of an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Rear End Collisions

Rear end accidents often result in serious "whiplash" injuries, which are actually soft-tissue damage that can create terrible pain, headaches, numbness in hands and arms and other serious damage.  In some such accidents, the individual suffers serious spinal damage that can have effects that continue for years or even for the rest of their lives.  Head injuries are also very common in these deadly accidents, and the brain remains one of the more difficult and mysterious parts of the body related to length of time to recover, and even whether recovery will happen at all.  It is absolutely critical that you get the medical treatment that you deserve after being the victim in such a case, and a personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit can assist you in making the claim for compensation for damages.

No matter the degree of injury, a personal injury attorney from the firm can evaluate your situation and advise you how to move forward with the claim.  Never discuss your injuries with an insurance adjuster from the responsible party's insurance company without first getting strong legal representation from an attorney from the firm.

Contact an Atlanta Rear-End Collision Attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit at once if you have been injured in a rear-end accident.