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Injured in a Pedestrian Accident in Atlanta?

Pedestrian accidents are increasing in the Atlanta area in recent years as traffic gets more oppressive.  Drivers can get frustrated, drive aggressively or become inattentive and try to rush through intersections injuring pedestrians who are merely trying to cross the street.  This situation has been evaluated and there are many laws that punish those drivers who are driving unsafely and endangering pedestrians.  No matter what deterrents are put into law, these accidents still happen and the results can be catastrophic. 

Experienced Injury Lawyer Serving Atlanta

The pedestrian involved often suffers very serious injuries or even dies in such cases; if they survive they may face a lifetime of disability, whether a spinal cord injury or brain injury as a result.  In other cases crushed limbs or loss of limb can be the result of the vehicle hitting the pedestrian and subsequently running over them or dragging them under their vehicle.  In any pedestrian injury case, it is vital that you get legal representation from an Atlanta accident lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit in order to address the legal situation surrounding the claim for compensation for damages suffered.

Many pedestrian accidents are so serious that the injured victim may never return to the condition they enjoyed physically prior to the accident; in some cases of brain damage, they could lose ability in a sweeping ways, including ability to control their body, their memory or other cognitive abilities.  When a person faces such serious consequences after a pedestrian accident, the claim or lawsuit that is filed to recover compensation for damages will be extremely high; the person's entire future is affected and this terrible and tragic result affects not only the injured but their families.  You can be assured that our legal team takes on such cases with a firm determination to fight for what is fair in any pedestrian injury case.

Contact an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Attorney from our firm in order to address the legal matters involved with a lawsuit or claim for compensation in serious pedestrian accident cases.