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Paralysis and Car Accident Cases in Atlanta

When another driver is negligent and causes an accident, innocent drivers or passengers can suffer terrible injuries that can change their lives forever.  Paralysis is one of the most catastrophic injuries that can be experienced, and the innocent victim will be facing extreme challenges and difficulties with terrible losses related to their future existence.  Such cases require the assistance of a strong Atlanta car accident lawyer with the dedication to fight for the rights of the injured.  Seeking fair compensation for such a case is an important matter, as the injured victim will likely need specific medical care for the rest of their lives.

Paralysis Injuries: Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

The actual costs for care for a paralysis injury can reach into hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.  The care for the first year after the incident is often $450,000 or more.  There is such intensive medical intervention, care and rehabilitation needed in such cases that the medical costs are going to be astronomical.  This is only a part of the compensatory damages that are likely to be sought in the claim or lawsuit; the pain and suffering and loss of quality of life are important matters that must be thoroughly addressed.  If the other driver was drunk, it may be possible to seek punitive damages as well.  

Many such cases do not go to court and are settled prior to the trial.  They must be prepared as if they are going to court as if the opposing attorney fights to reduce the claim, our legal team at the Law Office of Neil Flit will aggressively fight for fair treatment of our client and if going to court is the way to get it, this may be necessary.  As the suffering and damage to the client is so extreme, every aspect of their future and what the challenges that they will face must be part of the lawsuit or claim that is filed when pursuing fair and full compensation.   Whether the case includes quadriplegia, paraplegia, partial paralysis or other degree of injury, our legal team knows how important the outcome of your case is and will proceed with your best interests as our utmost concern.

Contact an Atlanta Paralysis Accident Attorney from our firm if you are seeking a qualified, dedicated and aggressive attorney that is willing to fight for what is fair in a paralysis injury case.