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Establishing Negligence

There are several grounds on which a personal injury case may hold validity. These include the presence of negligence, intentional harmful acts, or strict liability, whereby a certain entity is automatically held responsible for any damage caused by their product or in certain circumstances. Negligence must be established in order to identify the appropriate party against whom to file suit and to justify your claim for compensation. In some cases, it may be difficult to determine the responsible party. Without familiarity with personal injury law, it is easy to simply overlook the presence of liability. You should thus always consult with an Atlanta personal injury attorney regarding your legal options following an injury.

In other cases, the probable negligent party may be more apparent, yet investigation may be required to establish the facts of the case. This can help to build a solid claim which should help to achieve a greater amount of compensation. This can also help to prevent the other party from contesting your claim or, if they do, the information and evidence compiled can be used to support your claim in court. Examples of negligence include unsafe driving which results in an accident, failing to safely maintain a building, or medical errors which cause injury.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlanta

There are countless ways in which negligence may result in injuries for which you subsequently suffer physically, emotionally and financially. Even when the impact is temporary, it still causes undue pain and stress, significant interruption to your life, and financial losses. In cases of serious injury, recovery may take years and require extensive ongoing treatment and care, or may not be possible at all. No matter what you are facing, the Law Office of Neil Flit is dedicated to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today.