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Atlanta Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

In cases in which injuries have resulted from a multi-vehicle accident, the claim for compensation for damages can be a complex situation.  An accident investigator from law enforcement usually determines who is at-fault, but in many cases, there may be more than one individual who is determined to have caused the accident.  These situations create complex claims, as more than one insurance company could be involved, including your own in some cases.  When commercial vehicles are involved, and depending upon the type of accident, commercial trucking enterprises and their insurers could come into play.  When dealing with such a complicated situation, and suffering from injuries and other damages, it is strongly advised that you contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer to assist you with resolving the insurance claim matters.

Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Attorney

Any car accident that results in an injury is a frightening and dangerous situation, and many multi-vehicle accidents result in fatalities, in the worst case.  Dealing with the problems related to insurance claims is so difficult and confusing when many cars or trucks are involved is beyond what most people want to handle.  In fact, you could lose certain opportunities to compensation when you do not fully understand what claims can be made, and to whom.  At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the personal injury attorney will thoroughly review the situation, the drivers involved, their insurers and level of coverage, and move forward with making your claim.  This gives the injured the opportunity to focus on what is truly important:  your health and recovery.

In some cases, it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit, and in others the claim is paid more quickly.  The process can vary, depending upon the factors in the accident.  It is crucial that you get your case evaluated as soon after the accident as possible, as if an independent accident investigator is required, the procedure must move ahead quickly, as evidence often is harder to find over time.  At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the legal team is prepared to fight on behalf of the injured victims in such accidents, and stands ready to assist clients in filing a claim for compensation.

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