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Many drivers appear to be compelled to speed through intersections as the light is turning red, or even after the light has changed.  This driving habit has caused countless deadly accidents and injuries over the past years, and continues to be one of the most hazardous driving behaviors that law enforcement and emergency services personnel have to deal with.  The injuries sustained in these accidents are often life-threatening, and in the worst cases, fatal.  If you or a loved one has been hit by an irresponsible and reckless driver and sustained injuries, it is crucial that you contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer to assist you in dealing with the insurance claim.

Injured in an Intersection Accident in Atlanta?

When a pedestrian or car is hit by a negligent driver who fails to stop at a red light or stop sign, the damages suffered can be deadly and life-changing.  Most passenger cars, even with side airbags, cannot withstand the force of an oncoming car moving at a high rate without causing terrible damage.  The individuals in the car often are crushed in the impact, and if lucky enough to survive, they may have catastrophic injuries that will affect their lives forever.  The costs for the medical bills alone can be astronomical, and in some cases, will continue throughout the lifetime of the victim.  At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the personal injury lawyer is prepared to fight for the injured and protect their rights to compensation.  The damages in such cases are so high that in fact, no monetary compensation will ever make up for losses in ability, and certainly not loss of life.

However, for the family and the injured to continue forward and assist their injured loved one, it is necessary that the claim for compensation for damages reflects the true scene.  When a family member must quit their job to care for the injured, this is part of the claim that will be made.  The pain and suffering and loss of quality of life are also important factors, as well as all medical costs, both now and in the future.   The legal team will fight relentlessly on behalf of the injured and their families, and takes on such cases with a strong personal dedication to fight for the victims in such cases.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit if you or a loved one has been the victim of a negligent driver in an intersection accident.