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After your car accident, you were probably relieved to know that you have auto insurance. You’ve been paying lots of money for an insurance policy so that in the aftermath of an accident you won’t have to confront all the medical and car repair bills by yourself and can move on in life with minimal lost time and energy. Ideally you will file your claim and promptly receive a check that covers all your expenses with the doctors, the collision repair shop and the mechanic.

What you may not have considered is the fact that insurance companies are generally large corporations, organized to amass the maximum profit they can. As they don’t want to pay out any more than they absolutely have to, your claim will be whittled down to the bare minimum by the adjuster, the claims processors and anyone else in the company who deals with your case. Having an Atlanta personal injury attorney represent you with the insurance company will potentially mean the difference between you getting what you need or getting short-changed and feeling cheated.

Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

At The Law Office of Neil Flit we have over 17 years of experience representing clients in Atlanta. We know that all you want is to receive the help and financial assistance you need and have been expecting every time you paid your insurance premium. When you are filing your claim, collecting all the relevant details of the accident and meeting with the insurance adjuster you will be glad to have the support and guidance of our team to avoid any statements that will invalidate your claim. (See “ What to Do After a Car Accident”) We will help you negotiate with the insurance company if they try to delay payment, offer you a smaller settlement than you need or deny your claim. It is the goal of Attorney Neil Flit to protect your rights, get you as much as your claim is worth and help you pick up the pieces after your auto accident. We will even go so far as to file a civil suit against the insurance company if they refuse to pay on your claim.

Contact an Atlanta car accident attorney before you start the process of your insurance claim to make sure you get the full settlement you deserve.