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Atlanta Hit & Run Accident Attorney

When an auto accident occurs, it is the law that you stop and give aid, as well as give the information regarding your insurance and license to the other party if a minor accident, and in serious accidents, that you await law enforcement and emergency personnel.  Some drivers who are DUI or are uninsured take the irresponsible action of leaving the scene, which is a crime.  This can cause terrible damage to the other party, as the driver usually does not call 911 but runs, fearing only for their own future, leaving the injured at the scene with no help.  It may seem that there is no help for this, and you or your loved one will have to face dealing with the results without any claim possible.  In fact, with the assistance of an Atlanta car accident lawyer, there are options that can be explored regarding a claim.

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

In some cases, through police work, the party responsible is eventually caught.  This happens in many, many cases, as their vehicle shows the damage from the accident and these criminal drivers are often arrested in the end.  When this occurs and it is determined that this is the criminal driver, the full force of the law will be brought upon them.  With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit, the claim for damages can be filed, and it will likely include punitive damages if the other driver was determined to have been drunk.  Uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy may cover you if they were uninsured. 

In other cases, the personal injury protection you may carry could cover the costs that you will face after such an incident.  You can be assured that the legal team at the Law Office of Neil Flit will seek out each and every possibility to get your claim paid, and will thoroughly investigate the options you may have.  Contact the firm if you or a loved one has been the victim in a hit & run accident.  A personal injury lawyer from the firm can advise you of how to move forward.

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