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There are literally thousands of "fender bender" accidents throughout the Atlanta area in any year.  These accidents, although not as serious as some higher speed accidents, still can have serious effects on the passengers of the car that was hit.  These accidents have resulted in injuries such as whiplash, soft tissue injuries, and head and spinal injuries.   Some of the most serious injuries could have caused very little effect on the car itself.   If you or a loved one has been involved in a fender bender accident and are suffering a bad effect with whiplash, bruising, strains, sprains or other injuries, contact an Atlanta accident lawyer at once.  The legal team at the Law Office of Neil Flit can review the situation and advise you what to expect when moving forward with a claim.

Injured in a Fender Bender in Atlanta?

Dealing with insurance companies is very difficult.  The attempts are often made to reduce claims, and this can occur rather rapidly.   An insurance adjuster interviews the victim in the accident, and this is often before they have even had time to determine whether they have had an effect on them or not.  These accidents sometimes have effects that do not show up for a day or two, when suddenly stiffness, soreness, headaches, numbness, tiredness and other symptoms begin.  This is especially true with whiplash injuries, and when the victim is interviewed they may even still be in shock from the accident.  It is vital that you get medical attention after any accident, no matter how mild it may seem at the time.  There are often small fractures that are discovered when medical personnel investigate.

If you later discovered that you were suffering from the effects of the accident, there still may be a possibility that you can make a claim, depending upon the circumstances involved.  Contact the legal team at the Law Office of Neil Flit for information about what can be done about your fender bender accident case.  Not only do you deserve to have your property replaced or repaired, any injuries and the damage to your physical condition could require a claim be made on your behalf.  It is important to act quickly in any fender bender accident case, as when time passes, it becomes more difficult to successfully make a claim.

Contact an Atlanta Fender Bender Accident Attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit if you have been involved in a minor accident that caused injury.