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Why an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer?

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney

You may be wondering what a car accident attorney may be able to provide that you could not accomplish on your own.  The answer to that varies, but it is safe to say while you may feel it will not hurt your chances of receiving compensation, you should know that insurance companies may not provide you with as high of a settlement as you could receive if you were represented by an attorney. 

Most insurance companies will provide you with a far lower settlement than what you actually deserve.  Keep in mind that they deal with claims every single day and are usually highly trained in a variety of actions to reduce claims.  Also, without an attorney you may not know how to avoid making statements that may be later used against you to minimize your compensation.  If you have recently been the victim of another driver's negligence, speak with an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Sometimes people who really should hire attorney shy away because they believe they will not receive as much settlement money or that the situation will become too complex.  On average, the opposite is true.  Statistics show that claims handled by attorneys recover fifty percent more compensation than claims which are not. 

Insurance companies know that many highly trained attorneys will pursue the case in court if it is necessary.  They want to avoid being taken to court because they fear that they may lose more money should the case go to court in front of a jury.  If you retain experienced legal help you can focus on the most important priority at this time -- your health and recovery.  If you leave the legalities to an attorney that has handled hundreds of claims successfully, it is likely that you have better chance of being successful with your claim.

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

The value of a claim can vary extensively depending on the circumstances involved in the auto accident such as the severity and cost of the injuries sustained.  The damages which an insurance company may provide include: any medical expenses which were incurred due to the treatment of the injury which was sustained during the accident, any future medical expenses for the injury, pain and suffering, mental pain suffered as a result of the injury, wages which were lost due to your inability to work, loss of earning capability if your ability to earn future income is impaired, and loss of consortium. Speak with a skilled Atlanta car accident lawyer today to find out more about the compensation you are due.

About Car Accident Claims

The insurance company will usually review the amount of money expended by the injured person when calculating recovery. Usually, money which was lost due to an injury may be recovered. Damages which such as pain and suffering and mental anguish are more difficult to put a value on because they tend to be more subjective. The adjuster may damages in accordance with the percentage you are seen to be at fault for the accident. An attorney can help you to provide the proper documentation and evidence to an insurance company to prove you were not at fault. In addition, statistics have shown that on average you are far less likely to receive the settlement amount that you deserve without an attorney.  It is important to immediately contact an auto accident lawyer after an accident so that your rights can be protected fully. Our firm may be able to help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.  Assistance with insurance companies is crucial to recovering clients' damages.

The Claim Process

Filing an Injury Claim After a Preventable Accident

After car accident or other preventable accident in which another individual is at fault, cases proceed through a series of steps as you seek your claim for compensation for damages. Each case has unique circumstances, degree of injury and other damages, including property and lost income. The more severe the injuries, the higher the claim will be. It is critical to have legal assistance from an Atlanta personal injury lawyer if you are hoping to make a claim that results in an amount that truly reflects the damages you or your family has suffered. At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the legal team takes your case seriously and immediately gets to work with the insurances companies involved.

The first step is to contact the firm by phone to discuss the case. Mr. Flit can then advise you what to expect in your case and will arrange an in-person meeting. This meeting can take place at the law offices, your home, or in the hospital or treatment center. At this meeting, the case will be discussed further, and the paperwork necessary in order to file your claim is signed. It is vital that you do not discuss your case with an insurance adjuster from the responsible party's insurance company without first getting legal representation from the firm. What you say while medicated or still in shock can actually be used to reduce your claim amount, and you should always have legal representation protecting your rights in such cases. 

The claim or suit against the individual or corporation (or both) is filed. You receive a copy of this filing yourself.  The process then moves onto the "discovery" process. This is when the information about the accident and injury is exchanged by the two sides in the case. There could be questions (interrogatories) or other testimony that is asked for during this section of the process. You may then be asked to be examined by a doctor from the "other side" which is a normal part of the process. The two sides then proceed to the negotiation process.The personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit is relentlessly in seeking a fair settlement for the injuries and damages, and will fight on your behalf until a settlement amount is reached that you and the attorney from the firm agree to. You then receive your settlement check.

Contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit if you have been injured in an accident in which another individual is at fault, and are seeking fair and full compensation for damages in the case.

Why Hire an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer?

Have you just been hurt in an accident?

In many accident cases, the victims are unaware that they are entitled to seek compensation for their injuries, and so attempt to bear the financial burden of their accident-related expenses alone.  If a person has been injured in an accident that was caused by another's negligence, however, they are well within their rights to pursue the responsible party, or that party's insurance company, for compensation that covers their medical treatment, vehicle repair, and other expenses. 

It is important to note, however, that seeking this compensation on one's own is not always easy.  It is very rare that a negligent party willingly provides restitution to the victims of an accident, and insurance companies will frequently do all they can to not pay out to the victims, or will attempt to pay them very little.  An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can possibly make this process an easier one, as they bring experience and knowledge to the table that an ordinary person might not have.  They are often able to more effectively fight for the compensation one requires after an accident, by negotiating with the insurance companies, or, if necessary, taking legal action against them.

Law Office of Neil Flit is a personal injury law firm that serves individuals throughout the Atlanta area.  We provide dedicated and compassionate help to each client in their pursuit of restitution after an accident, and employ all manner of legal methods in seeking a successful result in their case.  We are available to provide you with this same service in your personal injury case, so that you have a stronger chance of being able to recover from your accident without worrying about the financial implications.