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Atlanta Auto Product Liability Attorney

When buying a car, the safety features are an important matter that most consumers carefully review when choosing a vehicle.  When the safety feature itself causes a serious injury, nothing could be more devastating, but it does occur.  In some serious injury cases, it has been found that the airbag exploded and in some cases pieces of metal have flown out causing deadly and disfiguring facial wounds.  This is a serious matter, and requires legal assistance from an Atlanta accident attorney.  The injuries sustained in such cases can be deadly and even fatal, and it is likely that there will be a complicated legal case in order to fight for fair compensation in such a serious injury case.

Auto Product Liability Lawyer Serving Atlanta:  Exploding Air Bag Cases

Some of these cases lead to class actions suits against auto makers or auto part manufacturers, or both.  Your legal efforts when injured, or for your loved one who was injured due to a faulty airbag can lead to saving many lives in the future.  This is a serious issue, and requires the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit.  The firm takes your case personally, and it will be made a priority.

Unfortunately children are often badly injured by exploding airbags, and it can occur even at very slow speeds and minor impact.  There have been many deaths related to exploding airbags, and when children are harmed, it is particularly heartbreaking.  The families suffer grave loss and overwhelming emotional distress when a child is injured or killed due to a safety device that has gone wrong.  You can be assured that the legal team of personal injury lawyers from the firm is compassionate and dedicated and will proceed with your family's best interests as the utmost concern.

Contact an Atlanta Auto Product Liability Attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit if you or your loved one has been injured due to an exploding air bag.