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Dog bites account for the majority of injuries sustained by Americans, with over 4.7 million bitten each year. At Law Office of Neil Flit, we provide aggressive representation to those who have been victimized in dog attacks, and we are immediately available to assist you in your case. We will work to properly establish fault in your attack, and seek injury compensation from the person responsible. With the help of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at our firm, you will stand a much stronger chance of securing the compensation you need for your injuries as well as your mental and emotional pain and suffering.

The majority of dog bites are not caused by stray dogs, but by negligent owners who do not exert the proper amount of control over their pets. Many owners let their dogs loose in unfenced yards, or walk with them without the aid of a leash. In such circumstances attacks become a much higher risk, especially if the dog is in a position where it thinks it needs to protect its territory or its owner. Such negligent behavior contributes to 800,000 dog bite victims being hospitalized on an annual basis, and 30 being killed.

Are you in need of help after suffering a dog bite?

Dog bite cases are frequently highly contentious, as dog owners will vehemently maintain the innocence of their pets. In the event that you have been bitten by a dog, it is in your best interest to secure a skilled and focused attorney who can navigate the various aspects of your case. Having representation in such a case can be the difference between you recovering full damages and being left shouldering the burden of all of your medical treatment and other costs.

Contact an Atlanta dog bite attorney if you require immediate legal help after being attacked and bitten by another's dog.