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As technological advances happen with increasing frequency today, the products we use become more specialized, and more complicated. As a result, many products have a much higher risk of having some sort of defect, and in certain cases, these defects can prove injurious or fatal to the consumer. As of today, product defects are responsible for approximately 29 million injuries to Americans each year, and a staggering 22,000 fatalities. The defective products that cause these casualties run the gamut from automobiles to communications devices to children's toys to cleaning implements.

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Law Office of Neil Flit is available to help you if you have been injured by a defective product. Our legal team is considerably experienced in trying defective product cases, having taken on countless personal injury claims in our 12 years of service. We can investigate your accident in detail in order to isolate any and all responsible parties, and seek compensation from those parties that is intended to cover most or all of your injury-related expenses.

Lawyer for the Victims of Defective Products

There are a variety of possible negligent parties in a defective products case, including the product's designer, the product's manufacturer, and those that sell the product in retail stores. Frequently, these entities will have strong legal representation, which may make obtaining fair compensation difficult. For a strong chance of being fully recompensed for your injuries, you need a lawyer who can provide you with equally strong representation, and who will fight tirelessly for a successful result in your case.

If you have been harmed by a defective product, it is strongly urged that you contact an Atlanta Defective Product Attorney who can take legal action against those responsible on your behalf.