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The heavy traffic in the Atlanta area has been a factor in many serious car accidents that have resulted in deadly injuries.  Careless lane changes are a common cause of injury accidents, as the innocent driver of the other car or motorcycle can be pushed into the traffic and hit by multiple vehicles.  If you or a loved one has been injured in one of these dangerous accidents, it is critical that you contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit at once.  The damages suffered are going to require a claim to the insurance company of the responsible driver, and your best interests are served by having legal representation to handle the insurance claim. 

Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta:  Careless Lane Changes

In auto accident cases there is a procedure that is followed in making a claim.  When an individual does not have legal representation, there are certain pitfalls that they may experience.  Dealing directly with the insurance company of the responsible driver can result in a much lower settlement in the case, as you have no one protecting your rights or fighting for what is fair.  Never allow your medical records to be turned over to the insurance company without first getting an attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit to protect your best interests.  You may lose the opportunity to make certain claims that could be important in the future if your injuries do not resolve quickly.

As insurance companies are profit-oriented corporations, the insurance adjusters are very skilled in finding ways to protect their client.  Individuals who are injured could be interviewed immediately after an accident, while still in shock; in the hospital while on pain medication or other situation that could lead them to make comments that could reduce the claim.  It is never recommended that you proceed in such a case without a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit as soon after the accident as possible, day or night.