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Halloween 2015: Safety Tips for Kids

It's always to treat when Halloween falls on the weekend and this year, Saturday is the day for all the little monsters, ghosts and goblins to come out to play - figuratively, of course. As with anything else, safety comes first and if you have...

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Halloween 2015: Festive Events in the Atlanta Area

Halloween has always been a festive evening for the kids to enjoy a little trick-or-treating, candy binges and fun costumes! This year, however, since Halloween falls on the weekend, it's probably safe to assume the adults will more than likely...

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How Does This Work? A Step-by-Step Guide to Personal Injury Cases

For those of us who have had any involvement in a personal injury case, it's fairly safe to say that you know full well how long and, sometimes tiresome, the litigation process can become as time goes on. The waiting game seems like it can never...

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Drive Safe: Have You Had Your Eyes Checked Lately?

Now that the days are getting shorter it's safe to assume a lot of us will be doing a great deal of night driving. In doing so, one must be sure their vision is up to par as a number of incidents that happen after dark are a result of a lack of...

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Maneuver Through Atlanta’s Music Midtown Like a Boss!

Atlanta! One of the most exciting weekends in the city is upon us and Music Midtown is here again since its return in 2011! Once upon a time, an $8 admission granted you access to hundreds of bands with several soundstages set up around Midtown....

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Watch That Wrist: A Quick Review of Georgia Drunk Driving Laws

It's officially summer here in Atlanta and there is always plenty to do in the city and its surrounding towns and neighborhoods. From pool parties, music festivals, baseball games and backyard barbeques, the good times keep rolling and we...

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