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There are countless numbers of auto accidents that result from inattentive drivers backing out of driveways, parking lots, or suddenly stepping on the accelerator when they are in reverse, causing serious injuries and damages to other innocent drivers.  If you have been the victim of such an accident, it is important to contact an Atlanta accident lawyer to assist you in making your claim for damages.  The compensation sought will depend upon the degree of the injuries suffered when the collision happened.  Even a back-up collision that did not happen at a high rate of speed can cause serious injuries such as neck injuries, soft tissue injuries (bruising, sprains, strains), spinal damage and concussion or other brain injuries.  With help from a personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit, a claim can be made on behalf of the injured, seeking the maximum compensation possible under law.

Back-Up Collisions in Atlanta

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening experience, and when injuries are the result, even more so.  Some types of injuries can have effects that last for months, years or even a lifetime.  Brain injuries and nerve damage are some of the most difficult to predict regarding recovery time, or even if full recovery can be achieved.  As medical science progresses, there are hopes that brain and spinal injury treatments can be improved.  For those who suffer such injuries after a back-up collision, there are concerns as they may suffer a number of symptoms for a long period of time, such as headaches, backaches, confusion, extreme fatigue and others. 

At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the legal team can assist you in seeking fair compensation for damages in back-up collision accidents.  There is not only property damage, but often serious neck, back and other injuries that must be considered in the claim.  If you have lost work as a result of the accident, or are dealing with ongoing pain, it may affect your ability to work for weeks or even months.  If you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident, it is crucial that you contact the firm and speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon after the accident as possible, and prior to having discussions with the insurance adjuster from the responsible party's insurer.  In this way you can avoid being offered a settlement that is too low, considering the damages suffered.

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