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Workers Compensation Cases in Georgia

Problems with Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you have been injured in the workplace or while employed to perform your work duties, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. While this is your right by law, it is an unfortunate fact that you may still run into trouble actually obtaining the compensation you require. If a claim is not correctly submitted or your employer or the insurance company denies it, this can at best cause delays with your claim and at worst leave you without any compensation. Only in very limited circumstances does the law allow you to sue your employer for work-related injuries, so it is vital your worker’s compensation claim is successful.

Having an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer assist you in filing for workers’ compensation benefits is very wise. If you run into complications, for example, your employer denies the injury occurred at work, your legal representation can address this in the most suitable and effective way possible. Insurance companies may also counter your request with all manner of objections, seeking to pay out as little as possible. Your legal counsel can fight for the compensation you deserve so that you are not left without quality medical care or forced to return to work before you have fully recovered.

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

With over 17 years of experience successfully helping clients with their workers’ compensation claims, the Law Office of Neil Flit can attack your case promptly and effectively. We take great pleasure in helping you obtain the assistance you deserve and will hard to serve you as best we can. We can also help you with workers’ compensation denials and appeals. Our free consultation can assist you to get started and we will happily meet with you at your home, office, or the hospital as needed.

For assistance with filing for worker’s compensation benefits, contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney.