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Picture a driver looking down at the tiny screen on a cell phone, reading a message and typing out a reply while piloting 2 tons of steel down the road at 40 MPH. You can see how dangerous texting while driving really is. Anyone who has caused an accident this way must pay to repair the damage they have done. Since July 2010 it is illegal in Georgia to text while driving. The State Assembly passed a law in July 2010, the “Caleb Sorohan Act for Saving Lives by Preventing Texting While Driving.” According to this act, a driver who is caught texting while operating a vehicle will have 1 point removed from their license. The legal system in Atlanta takes this form of distracted driving seriously because it is a reckless behavior that can cost the lives of innocent people. Some have even compared it to drunk driving. If you have been the victim of a negligent driver and need to cover medical and car repair bills you should work with an Atlanta personal injury attorney to make sure that the distracted driver doesn’t escape any of the responsibility for your loss and pain.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Even though it is illegal to read and write text messages while driving, this irresponsible activity is not likely to decrease any time soon. More and more people are using text messages (also known as SMS) to communicate with friends, family and work. As a larger percentage of cell phone users have smart phones that also connect to the internet and email services, people are increasingly glued to the screen of their phone when they should have their eyes on the road. At the Law Office of Neil Flit we understand that a car accident can have a shattering impact on your life: financially, medically and emotionally. For 17 years we have practiced in the area of personal injury to pursue the rights of clients in Atlanta who have suffered the consequences of another driver’s negligence. We will fight to get you as much compensation as your claim is worth to help you recover from a texting while driving accident, whether you simply need repairs to your vehicle or if you need to pay for hospital bills and recovery treatment as well as emotional damages.

Contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer if you have been the victim of a texting while driving accident and want fair and aggressive representation for your case.