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Atlanta Public Transportation Accident Attorney

Thousands of Atlanta residents use public transportation to get to and from work, school and other locations.  There has been an increase in the use of public transportation over recent years, and many Atlanta residents depend on buses and light rail for safe and cheap transportation.  Unfortunately, even bus drivers and train operators make mistakes, and serious injuries can occur when there is an accident involving public transportation.  If you have been the victim in such an accident, whether a traffic accident, train accident, bus accident or slip and fall or trip and fall injury accident, contact an Atlanta accident attorney from the Law Office of Neil Flit at once.

Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Some train accidents in past years have been deadly and resulted in numerous fatalities.  In other cases, a bus accident in which the bus driver was negligent can cause terrible injuries to the passengers on the bus.  As passengers are not seat-belted in, they often fly about the interior of the bus and sustain serious or life-threatening injuries.  Other less serious cases could include incidents in which the walking surface in the bus or train is hazardous, wet or poorly maintained, resulting in a slip & fall or trip & fall accident.  These accidents are particularly dangerous for the elderly and pregnant women, and can cause great harm.  Any such accident requires the assistance of a skilled personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit.

The legal team at the firm is dedicated to assisting the injured and their families in getting the compensation they deserve after being the victim of a public transportation accident.  Whether  you accident is severe or less dangerous, you still have a right to make a claim for the loss of wages, injuries, medical bills and other costs that are associated with injury cases.  The personal injury lawyer from the firm can evaluate you case and advise you what to expect, and how it is expected that the case will progress.

Contact an Atlanta Public Transportation Accident Lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit without delay if you have been injured in an accident involving public transportation.