What To Do After Being In A Car Accident In Atlanta

On an Atlanta road on a regular evening at the end of January, one college student was heading home from class, one man was delivering food to a homeless shelter, and a woman was heading to Bible study. Each became victims of the reckless driving of a man who in the end crossed two counties wrecking cars and killing one person. It was a regular evening at the end of January. No one expects accidents to happen. Follow these ideas to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Make sure you have you license within easy access, along with the vehicle registration.
  • Keep a piece of paper and a pen ready, in case you need to document another driver’s insurance and contact information.
  • If you have any pertinent medical information that would be useful if you were injured and unable to speak, have that information documented and available.
  • Purchase and stock your vehicle with items that can be used to alert traffic if needed. Cones, warning triangles, or even flares are commonly used.
  • Be prepared to use your phone camera to help document accident details including damage to the vehicles.
The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the total number of motor vehicle accident in 1990 was 11,500,000. The census data of 2009 – nearly twenty years later – revealed that US accidents had decreased to 10,8000,000.  Georgia statistics show that there has also been a decrease in traffic fatalities in Georgia from the same time period: from 1,562 to 1,284.  And yet, automobile accidents in Atlanta remain. If you find yourself involved in a car accident, The Law Office of Neil Flit is here to walk you through the steps.  A regular evening at any time of the year, can get complicated very quickly and when it does, we're here to help.

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