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Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


Greetings Georgia drivers and Happy New Year to you all! So, we’re going to talk straight and cut to chase. Here’s the deal, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of having to hire a personal injury attorney for any reason. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to and every personal dispute would be handled with great care and fairness between all contributing parties in a peaceful manner. Yeah, right! That’s why (since who knows when) there has always been a need for mediators and seekers of justice, also known as, attorneys and lawyers. Now, should you find yourself in the throws of a personal injury case, the first order of business is to hire an attorney who specializes in auto accidents (including those where a drunk driver or truck driver is at fault), property damage, negligence and workers compensation and we’ve put together a list of things to consider when choosing the right personal injury attorney to meet your needs!

1.) Listening – a personal injury attorney must be able to take the time to listen to your interpretation of what happened, how it’s affected you and, most importantly, your expectations of him or her throughout the duration of your case. There’s nothing worse than reaching out to a third party for legal assistance and guidance only to be treated as a blank check. Regardless of how major or minor, your case is important and you deserve to be heard.

2.) Honesty – to piggyback off what was mentioned above, a personal injury attorney should be honest enough to explain here are no guarantees in any legal case  and what expectations may or may not be delivered along with his or her fees and expenses. Do keep in mind, however, personal injury case consultations are typically free of charge. The attorney should also help a potential client understand that settlements and lawsuits take time, however, he/she or a member of the staff will keep you informed of all developments as they progress.

3.) Accessibility – okay, okay. So your attorney is not going call you up and chat about the weather everyday, however, they should be available to address any and all of your questions and concerns in a timely fashion. This is when it helps research your potential law firm’s ratings online to get a feel for what you can expect from the legal team. Not returning phone calls and feeling ignored are one of the most common complaints with personal injury firms. And, by all means, should you use google ratings to aid in your choosing the right personal injury attorney and you have a similar 5-star experience – take a few minutes and leave your 5-star feedback for others!

4.) Size of Law Firm – almost every time you turn on a television and watch your local channels, chances are, after each segment you see the same lawyer promoting his hugely popular law firm, in the same suit, saying the same thing over and over to a point where the catchphrase and phone number are engrained in your brain. While the exposure is quite effective and may be your first choice based off  memory convenience alone, odds are you’ll be dealing with a massive firm employing several attorneys and paralegals shuffling your case around without giving it the exclusive attentions it deserves. Never do you meet with the guy on the TV commercials, you deal with his staff which is quite impersonal and, as a result, worrisome. Smaller firms tend to do a better job at being attentive to all cases from start to finish.

5.)Experience and Reputation – it may be safe to say the number of attorneys far outweigh the number of insurance companies and practitioners within local court systems including opposing law firms. A personal injury lawyer who has built and maintains healthy relationships with key members of the industry could make all the difference in the pace and outcome of your case. You simply cannot go wrong with an attorney whose excellent rapport precedes him/her. And again, by all means, should you use internet ratings to aid in your choosing the right personal injury attorney and you have a similar 5-star experience – take a few minutes and leave your 5-star feedback for others!

Now that we’ve highlighted a few key things to take into consideration, please note that we’ve also listed 5 major reasons why you should call The Law Office of Neil Flit for your personal injury case. We handle each case with maximum care to meet your needs in a time of hardship. With our small team of highly knowledgeable attorneys, we pride ourselves in our ability to guarantee the personal attention necessary to handle your claim in a timely fashion and hold liable parties responsible for their actions to secure the settlement you deserve!


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Premises Liability

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Premises Liability

What is Premises Liability? It is the legal responsibility for the property owners or tenants to make sure that the spaces they occupy are safe and pose no threat of injury to third parties while those third parties are visiting the property. Premises liability applies to torts: negligence or wrongdoings committed against a third party that fall under the jurisdiction of civil rather than criminal law. In some instances the circumstances creating premises liability are clear-cut while in others causation is more complex.

Premises liability and duty of care kind of go hand in hand. The most commonly known situation is when someone comes to visit your house and the fall and break a body part. The term visitor is not only for the people who have been invited to the property. It can also apply to people who license the property and who trespass on the property and who may shop at the property. It does not matter whether or not the property is public, private or commercial as the leaser or owner you are in charge of making sure the place is safe for guest. Visitors must also use caution while they are on the property of someone else.

It is the owners duty to make sure that their property is well maintained and up to government code and to make sure there are no hazards on the premises and lastly that signs are put up to inform people of a danger that cannot be rectified immediately.

It is the visitor’s responsibility to avoid obstacles that the owner has not had proper time to address, to avoid problems that the property owner has no control over, and not behaving carelessly.

These are the common types of liability lawsuits:

Slip and falls, Dog Bites, Sidewalk and road defects, and inadequate security.

Have you been the victim of a premise liability case? Do you need more clarity on what a premises liability case is? If so you need to call an experienced attorney who has many years in handling cases like these. If you have a premise liability issue you need to call Neil Flit at 877-373-4878 to get the settlement you deserve!

Is It the Breed or the Owner?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Is It the Breed or the Owner?

This is one of those age old debates of who is responsible for the actions of a dog. Some people believe that some breeds are just naturally vicious animals and should not be allowed to be bred and kept in areas where the human population is high. Others believe that it is the owner not the dog. They believe that the mistreatment of these dogs is why they lash out and act the way they act.

The most commonly feared dog is the pit bull terrier. This dog has a fierce reputation for being a very aggressive dog and a very strong breed. This is also one of the most abused breeds for that same reason. People illegally fight these dogs and do things to make sure that these dogs are not people friendly and this is not right. Dogs are man’s best friend and will only do what they are told or act how they are trained.

There are three grounds for legal liability and they are the one bite rule, negligence, and statutory liability. The “one bite rule” means that the owner or person watching the dog call be held responsible if they knew that the dog had a tendency to lash out at others without justification. The next is “negligence” which means if they tied the dog to a tree with guess close by or took the dog to a school and was allowing it to run free.  So negligence is used when the owner should have known better. Lastly “statutory liability” is the easiest way to get paid in dog bite cases. This form of liability does not make the victim an “accuser,” or require proof that someone did something “wrong.”

You are compensated in a dog bite claim by the dog owners insurance. It is usually their home owners insurance or their renters insurance. If the bite is severe enough then the client is entitled to their medical bills being paid and compensation for themselves as well. In smaller bite case the client will usually only get medical bills.

Also people who make their living working with dogs can not usually file a claim. Dog walkers and veterinarians and trainers are usually exempt due to the fact that they are an exception to the normal liability. They would have to contact their attorney to see if they were covered.

Dog bite cases are more common than people may believe. If you are bitten by a dog you should consult an experienced attorney who can help you get the settlement you deserve. Attorney Neil Flit has this experience and will work hard for you! If you’ve been “BIT” call NEIL FLIT 877-373-4878.

Attacked by a Dog and Bitten

Monday, August 1st, 2011

When attacked or bitten by a dog or any other animal, it is very important to get the details about the dog that bit you. You may be entitled to compensation.  Get the name of the breed, color and size. Information regarding the dog owners name, address and veterinarian information.  Take pictures of all the wounds sustained from the injury. If witness were present when the personal injury occurred, get their information as well.

An Atlanta, Georgia personal injury attorney can help you in the process no matter what the circumstances may be regarding your dog bite. You need to speak to a lawyer before you participate in any legal proceedings or before speaking to the insurance company regarding a dog attack.

There are several types of compensation for a dog bite such as scars, medical costs, emotional stress and other related issues due from the animal attack.

In the United States there are approximately 200,000 injuries caused by dog or animal bites each year. If you are a victim of a dog attack or have been bitten, we can offer legal advice by an experienced Atlanta, Georgia dog bite attorney. Call The Law Firm of Neil Flit and Associates1.877.373.HURT or 1-877-373-4878

A Dog Just Bit Me – What Do I Do?

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I was just bitten by a dog.  What should I do?

  • Immediately seek medical attention.
  • Next contact the police and animal control.
  • Get witness’ contact information.
  • Take photographs of all injuries resulting from the dog attack.
  • Write down word for word how the incident happened.
  • Contact a personal injury attorney.


What dog owners need to know in the Atlanta, Georgia area?


What is a leash law?

  • Most communities require a dog to be on leash at all times. If a dog is not on a leash, the yard must be fenced.

Am I covered by my homeowners insurance for dog bites?

  • In most cases, homeowners insurance covers dog bites. Before you purchase a dog it is important to look at homeowner’s insurance policy. Some breeds like German Shepards, Rottweiler, Pit Bulls or dogs that commonly have a propensity to be viscious may be specifically excluded.

What is the most common dog bite?

  • The most common dog bite is from a Pit Bull. The most serious bite cases result from Pit Bulls.

What happens if the owner of the dog doesn’t have insurance that covers dog bites?

  • You will need to contact a personal injury attorney. If there isn’t an insurance policy, an attorney may sue the individual.

If you have been injured in Atlanta, Georgia area, do not hesitate to contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer from the Law Firm of Neil Flit as soon as possible. With comprehensive legal assistance, the firm can help you to protect your rights and fight for your desirable result in every way possible.