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Be Prepared: What You Need in Your Car for Your Fall Break Travels


Being that the school year starts hellishly early in Metro Atlanta, we have adopted what is called a balanced schedule – meaning we get a week off of school in the middle of each semester. Now that it’s fall break…

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Safety Tips for When You’re Driving With Your Pets


If you have a dog at home and keep regular office hours then you, without a doubt, know how difficult it is to carry the guilt of leaving Sparky at home all day long. This is why we will come…

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What You Need To Know About Truck Accidents in Atlanta


If you’re new to Atlanta or even a native, there is a great chance you’ve learned very quickly how curvy and twisty-turny the roads can be specifically the highway connectors. For even the most experienced drivers, those bends with the…

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Shop Around: Do You Need Extended Car Warranty?


Atlanta commuters! How many of us have a car that is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty? How many of us are in a situation where, due to the age and mileage on your car, any car part could…

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Watch Your Back: Maintain the Benefits of Your Treatments


If you’ve ever been in an accident and had to undergo chiropractic treatments to realign your neck, back and hips, then you’re fully aware of how uncomfortable it is to be in pain for an extended period of time. But…

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What To Do When Your Car Won’t Pass Emissions


If your vehicle is more than 3 model years old in the state of Georgia, you have to pass an emissions test in order to register your vehicle. A lot of us haven’t a clue of what exactly is being…

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Get Your Car Ready for Winter


Well Atlanta, it looks like we’re actually going to enjoy a fall season this year and with that means cooler weather that’s going to continue to plummet! Not to mention our mostly unpredictable winter weather that’s clearly on the way…

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3 Things You Need To Do After a Car Accident


The weather system here in the Atlanta Metro area is always unpredictable¬† – from chilly mornings in the 50’s to ninety degree temps within the span of 48 hours – then comes the inevitable flash floods that come from nowhere…

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Buyer’s Tips: Be Prepared for Car Buying


As the fall months set in, many of us are wondering if our beloved roadster is going to make it through another cold winter. Whether it’s the radiator or the transmission that’s on it’s way out, chances are the cost…

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Think You Have a Slipped Disk? Here’s What it Feels Like


If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know how unpleasant the experience is. Nobody leaves their home in the morning expected to have a collision and when it’s all said and done, walking away from it unharmed…

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