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Here’s What You Need To Know When You’re a Victim of a Hit and Run


There is nothing worse than being involved in a car accident but being a victim of a hit and run incident easily tops the inconvenience of a minor collision or fender bender. To be clear, a hit and run is,…

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Think You Have Whiplash? Here’s What It Feels Like


If you’ve ever been in a car accident, chances are your adrenaline rushed and your body and mind went into fight or flight mode. A lot of times when this happens, people often feel as though they’re physically unharmed because…

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Had an Accident! What Do I Do Next?


If you own and operate an automobile, chances are you are well aware of the optimal importance safety plays when behind the wheel of a car. In a perfect world, assuming every licensed driver operated their vehicle with the utmost,…

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Check Yourself: The Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents


Fellow Atlantans, how many times have you been cruising through traffic and get frustrated by other drivers? Chances are, this happens quite often. With Atlanta being a city packed with transplants from other cities and states – some larger, some…

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Car Troubles? Beware of Shady Car Mechanics


Yesterday, we focused on adhering to the your car’s maintenance service schedule in order to ensure the best use and performance of your vehicle. There are, however, times when it’s going to take more than a simple oil change and…

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Quick List: Make Sure You Keep Your Car Maintenance


With a vehicle being your primary method of transportation, it’s an absolute necessity to make sure you keep up with your car maintenance if you want to get the best use out of your car in terms of liability and…

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Top 5 Safest American Made SUV’s


The depreciating asset that everyone in the state of Georgia needs is a car, right? With the fiscal year nearing an end, car dealerships nationwide are advertising some pretty sweet fall deals to move as many cars off those lots…

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To Be Safe: Make Sure You Check Your Tires


Altantans, it’s that time of year! While it is still quite hot during the day, we’re going to start to feel some pretty chillly temps in the morning in the coming weeks. As heavy commuters, we tend to overlook the…

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The Absolutes: What Your Teen Driver Needs to Know


Okay Atlanta parents, a moment of honesty here – sending your teenage drivers into this city’s traffic is unnerving to say the least. The major 6 lane highways, impatient drivers even when the weather says slow down and, of course,…

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Kids Riding Shotgun: Be Sure They’re a Safe Height and Weight


Welp folks, it’s 2015 and so much has changed since us adults were small passengers riding in cars. Long gone are the days when you could stack up the back seat with more kids than the car could hold and…

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