Why an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney

You may be wondering what a car accident attorney may be able to provide that you could not accomplish on your own.  The answer to that varies, but it is safe to say while you may feel it will not hurt your chances of receiving compensation, you should know that insurance companies may not provide you with as high of a settlement as you could receive if you were represented by an attorney. 

Most insurance companies will provide you with a far lower settlement than what you actually deserve.  Keep in mind that they deal with claims every single day and are usually highly trained in a variety of actions to reduce claims.  Also, without an attorney you may not know how to avoid making statements that may be later used against you to minimize your compensation.  If you have recently been the victim of another driver's negligence, speak with an Atlanta car accident attorney.

Sometimes people who really should hire attorney shy away because they believe they will not receive as much settlement money or that the situation will become too complex.  On average, the opposite is true.  Statistics show that claims handled by attorneys recover fifty percent more compensation than claims which are not. 

Insurance companies know that many highly trained attorneys will pursue the case in court if it is necessary.  They want to avoid being taken to court because they fear that they may lose more money should the case go to court in front of a jury.  If you retain experienced legal help you can focus on the most important priority at this time -- your health and recovery.  If you leave the legalities to an attorney that has handled hundreds of claims successfully, it is likely that you have better chance of being successful with your claim.

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