How Much Is My Claim Worth

The value of a claim can vary extensively depending on the circumstances involved in the auto accident such as the severity and cost of the injuries sustained.  The damages which an insurance company may provide include: any medical expenses which were incurred due to the treatment of the injury which was sustained during the accident, any future medical expenses for the injury, pain and suffering, mental pain suffered as a result of the injury, wages which were lost due to your inability to work, loss of earning capability if your ability to earn future income is impaired, and loss of consortium. Speak with a skilled Atlanta car accident lawyer today to find out more about the compensation you are due.

About Car Accident Claims

The insurance company will usually review the amount of money expended by the injured person when calculating recovery. Usually, money which was lost due to an injury may be recovered. Damages which such as pain and suffering and mental anguish are more difficult to put a value on because they tend to be more subjective. The adjuster may damages in accordance with the percentage you are seen to be at fault for the accident. An attorney can help you to provide the proper documentation and evidence to an insurance company to prove you were not at fault. In addition, statistics have shown that on average you are far less likely to receive the settlement amount that you deserve without an attorney.  It is important to immediately contact an auto accident lawyer after an accident so that your rights can be protected fully. Our firm may be able to help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.  Assistance with insurance companies is crucial to recovering clients' damages.

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