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Atlanta has its share of reckless, negligent and drunk drivers that are a serious hazard for innocent drivers on the streets and highways in the area. Victims of the actions of negligent drivers suffer serious injury accidents almost every day in and around the Atlanta metro area, usually requiring medical attention. In the worst cases, fatal accidents result from the irresponsible or dangerous driving of another. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in the area, it is crucial that you contact an Atlanta auto accident lawyer at once. With legal help, you can avoid the pitfalls that individuals face when dealing with insurance companies.

Dealing with Auto Accident Claims

If you were injured in an auto accident, it is important that you remain at the scene, if possible, to exchange information with the other driver or drivers involved. It is also very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Particularly with traffic collisions, you may have sustained a neck or back injury that is not immediately noticeable but that may cause you a great deal of pain and stress in the future. Seeing your doctor can work as a preventative measure to avoid further injury or to treat any condition that exists before it worsens. It is also helpful to take notes, take pictures at the scene and keep careful documentation of all medical expenses, lost earnings and property damage associated with the accident. This can go a long way in supporting your case and your ability to recover maximum compensation in the future.

One of a laundry list of reasons to work with an attorney experienced in handling Atlanta auto accident claims is the fact that you will have to deal with a potentially unreliable or outright deceptive insurance provider. Insurance companies are unfortunately notorious for delaying payment, offering low settlement amounts and even unfairly denying valid insurance claims. If you would like to make sure that you have the opportunity to recover a fair settlement for your claim, it is helpful to have a lawyer to handle the matter for you.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can place the appropriate amount of pressure on the insurance company to persuade the provider to treat your claim in a fair and timely manner. If your attorney discovers that you have been the victim of bad faith practices in the handling of your claim, he or she can take your case to court to seek the full value of your claim, plus damages.

Auto Accident Lawyer Serving Atlanta

At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the close-knit legal team takes on each case with dedication. You will have the personal service that you deserve when hiring an attorney to support you when seeking legal representation. Mr. Flit started the law practice as he felt that individuals were getting less than they should in insurance settlements for personal injury cases, including serious car accidents. With the relentless dedication to assist the injured, the legal team provides big-firm know-how with small firm personal service. You can be assured that your case will be a priority and you will be kept in the loop throughout the process.

Some auto accidents results in accidents that are so severe and life-threatening that the victim may never again lead life as they did in the past. A careful and complete handling of these cases is vital, as the injured may require a lifetime of medical care and years of treatments or surgeries. One wants to ensure that their injured loved one has the best of medical care, and with the assistance of the legal team from the Law Office of Neil Flit, you can increase the likelihood of a better outcome in any auto accident injury case.

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